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Our Story

Access to finance such as working capital is the biggest pain point for the country’s small and medium enterprises. We formed Early Advantage on the premise that this problem can be solved using disruptive technology and creative thinking.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide easier, more reliable access to finance for SMEs in Bangladesh. We do so by streamlining the cash conversion cycle and by making innovative alternate sources of finance available to every supplier on our network.


Our Technology

Early advantage is the only platform of its kind in Bangladesh. Combining multiple innovative products into one platform, allows us to offer a complete solution to all working capital financing needs. Our platform delivers a seamless financing solution for suppliers with minimal changes to the current process and at zero risk for their corporate buyers.


Dynamic Discounting

Early Advantage’s core value proposition includes multi-million dollar savings to corporate buyers


Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting allows the buyer to utilise their excess cash to make early payments to suppliers looking to settle their invoices before the invoice maturity date in return for a discount. As a result, buyers achieve accounting benefits which improve the bottom line, as the programme is purely commercial.

  • Superior returns (upto 40% APR*)
  • Improve supplier relationship
  • Reduce annual spend
  • Reduce COGS
  • Improve P/L statement
  • Zero Risk
  • Automation maximises discount capture

Payment Extension

Payment extension is a supply chain finance solution that allows a buyer to artificially extend their payment terms beyond the original maturity date of the invoice, subject to funder approval. At extended maturity, the buyer repays the funder who provided suppliers with finance.

  • Complete Control of your finances
  • Improve payment terms
  • Increase Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • Extend payment terms and preserve Liquidity
  • Zero cost to implement program
  • Competitive interest rates due to multi funder nature of the program

Supplier Financing

Supplier Financing, is a supply chain finance solution that benefits all parties within the supply chain. It gives suppliers the opportunity to receive a discounted value of their receivables, prior to the maturity date, from one or several funders, while the buyer (usually better rated) extends their payment terms and then repays the funder at maturity at zero added cost.

  • Extend payment terms and preserve Liquidity
  • Increase Supplier Cash Flow
  • Strengthen relationship with Supplier
  • Zero added cost to the buyer
  • Accelerate collection of Receivables
  • Complete Control of your finances


E-invoicing solutions can save your organization time and money while keeping you compliant around the world.
Choose the Early Advangtage e-invoicing solution that lets your suppliers maintain their own company information, quickly collaborate with all their buyers, and manage invoices in a fraction of the time.

  • Reduce costs
  • Shorten Payment cycles
  • Enhance Compliance
  • Prevent errors, losses and frauds
  • Improve supplier/customer relationship
  • Reduce carbon footprint

About Us

At Early Advantage, we combine financial, operations and technology expertise to seamlessly deliver working capital finance for corporates and their smaller suppliers. With creative, disruptive products, we intend on being a catalyst to help bridge the roughly $1.5 Billion trade finance gap that currently exists.

Post Covid-19, SME suppliers are already feeling the brunt from worldwide economic fallout and decreasing consumer demand. Access to finance has become more critical then ever. At the same times, banks are facing historic challenges with interest rate drops and rising delinquencies and default rates.

The Early Advantage team has created a whole new segment in Bangladesh’s trade finance industry by creating low-risk, high-return products that deliver win-win results every time.

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